Joanna Saturna

Sailing Packages

Here's a sample of pre-packaged services and cruises we offer onboard Joanna Saturna. But, of course, we'll always be happy to tailor the trip to the customer's needs.

Additional accommodation for events, parties, and productions

Additional accommodation for events, parties, and productions

4000/day(from. vat 0%)

An air-conditioned and heated sailing ship is an excellent addition to your accommodation capacity when you need an alternative to damp tent accommodation by the sea or in the archipelago.

Day sailing off Helsinki

Day sailing off Helsinki

3000(from. vat 0%)
4-6 hours

A team-building day, an adventurous meeting, or a cooperative day on the sea is a unique and unforgettable experience for your company's staff and clients.

A modern classic

Sail onboard a traditional sailing ship while enjoying the modern comforts. Onboard the ship is a fully equipped kitchen, air-conditioning, central heating, floor heating, water closets (7), and, naturally, a sauna.

On day trips, Joanna Saturna can comfortably board 50 persons. On longer cruises, there is adequate room for 14 quests for an overnight stay.

We can organize your cruising events, from business events to customer relations to staff meetings, etc. We also organize private parties, weddings, birthday parties, school trips, summer camps, and other summer festivities. Sailing with us will always be an experience to remember!

We'll be happy to assist if you prefer a tailor-made event based on your hopes and requests. So please feel free to contact us, and we will make you an offer!